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tell me how much you traveled.

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Old interests, new attitudes

As I recover from the flu that wiped me out for a week, forcing me to bed and teaching me new tricks on how to simulate a power drill with a headache, I decided it’s time to commit to my late new year’s resolutions.
Not long ago we were all raising our glasses to a hopefully more rational 2017, as the previous year proved science and reasoning are not worthy of people affection. A few days later Trump has been sworn in as POTUS and Brexit becomes the rough reality to face.
To console myself from the madness of the world and domestic socio-political situation I invested in a MIDI controller, specifically an AKAI MPK Mini MK II. Do not fear. I am not planning on dropping my other hobby and my commitment to the MindAperture facebook and Instagram pages proves it.
But discussing music production with some associates of mine it occurred to me that I enjoyed this activity in the past and decided to channel part of my creative drive into the kicks, snares and basslines.
My main objective for the year is to finish my PhD. Thesis and code are at a good point and just need more work done but this should take no longer than 6 months. On the other hand, the side projects are now two and include growing MindAperture, which at the moment orbits on 400+ followers on Instagram, and starting to play around with some simple track. Getting my hands dirty with the simplest setting of the MPK Mini and Garageband and see what comes out.
On a more traditional note, my other new year resolution is to read a book per month. I am currently reading “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman. Seeing how the author’s academic work strongly influenced my research I decided it was the right time. Potential futures updates will be on my opinions on the books, editing techniques learnt on Lightroom or the latest promo release.

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if there are none, travel alone.



Who is The Shepherd?

My name is Alvin and I am an Italian born learner.

I am interested in a broad variety of topics.

I am currently working on a multi-perspective topic called Neuroeconomics. It involves studying human behaviour in uncertain situations from different points of view. Psychological, Economic and Neuroscientific.

I cannot live without music. It is impossible to give a comprehensive list of genres therefore I will point you to my tagcloud.

I read a lot, mostly scientific papers, but I don’t dislike a good novel once in a while.

I love movies. I have a discrete collection (~140 titles), but I am always looking for new – or old – pearls to add.

I enjoy football, a lot. The company, the competition, learning tricks, using tricks, the passion, the commitment, the hits taken, the hits given, the victories, the defeats.

I had many teachers in my life. Some were in school, in university. Others were somewhere else, along my path. Some are still there and some are not anymore. Some are yet to be met. To all of them I say thank you.

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The real thing is not reaching,
the real thing is the journey.