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I remember this day, exactly 5 years ago. It was my 25th birthday and I considered it a milestone. A quarter of a century. It is always comparing to the big numbers we can usually put things into perspective. I can remember I was about to finish my undergrad and I wrote a post on my old blog which said something like “still growing up”. 5 years down the line and I am still of that advice. Hitting another milestone, today I turn 30 and I look back to the last 5 years, so much has happened. That day, 5 years ago, I probably had no clue I would have moved into another country to study in one of the best universities in the world. No idea I would meet and would have become friend with so many people over here. Lovely, brilliant, clever, inspiring, friendly, knowledgeable, artistic, truly interesting people! To you I dedicate my 30th.

I feel like I grew up in the last 5 years more than I did in the previous 25. Maybe it’s a human thing, we grow up exponentially fast. Or maybe it’s just what happens when you are cast into a multi-cultural mad rollercoaster, and I am actually enjoying the ride. I really need to thank all my friends if I can appreciate new things and some that I would have never thought I would like. The weird thing about it is that I feel even more eager to learn and experiment. That is why not long ago I decided to follow one of my interests, photography. I always told myself that one day I would take a camera in my hands and learn how to properly use it. After a few months playing with it I am really happy with my work (if you want to check some of it here you can find my flickr albums and instagram page) but I feel like there is so much I can improve and explore.

5 years ago I shared an inspirational commercial from Nike and since then the lives of the testimonials in the commercial have changed significantly. Cristiano Ronaldo has managed to won a European Championship with Portugal, Rooney is not the goal machine he used to be and Pistorius is in jail for killing his wife.

As for me, I am 5 years wiser, I have a full beard and so much more I want to do…