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phpmyadmin login error ( Cannot log in to the MySQL server )

Having to set up a new desktop today, I was following the usual procedure for phpmyadmin:

– Put the phpmyadmin folder in /Library/WebServer/Documents/phpmyadmin

– Added the config folder with permissions: chmod o+w /Library/WebServer/Documents/phpmyadmin/config

– Generated config.inc.php with phpmyadmin setup (localhost/phpmyadmin/setup)

– Moved config.inc.php in the phpmyadmin home folder

Still, when trying to log in the UI with the root username and password I was getting this error: “Cannot log in to the MySQL server”.

After resetting the password for mysql 3 times and re-installing entirely phpmyadmin, I stumbled upon a StackOverflow question where Sepp suggested to change localhost to in the config.inc.php file.

Sometimes solutions are that simple.

My two cents for whoever might have the same issue.