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Finally, yesterday 16th of August 2017 at about 10 to midday I submitted my PhD Thesis. Needless to say, I am very proud of this achievement. The amount of time and effort dedicated to this project put everything else into perspective. Research is a great path, which can sometimes reveal itself as a steep mountain to climb, but the feeling when reaching the summit is unmatched.

I am now waiting for the Viva (oral exam) which should be scheduled in a couple of months time. This pause gives me the time to hunt for my next job and to pursue those personal projects which I had to set aside during the final stages of my thesis write-up.

The other great news is that I am perfectly on track with the one-book-a-month club, for which I applied in January (last blog post, sigh). These are the books I read:

I warmly suggest all of these as I found them inspiring, stimulating and thought-provoking. You can also notice how I am alternating fiction to nonfiction, to keep my interest high by creating a sort of “cliffhanger” for my next book.

A small update on my photography Instagram page, MindAperture. I am very happy with the quality of my photos but I am always striving to improve and to learn new techniques. I am glad I almost reached 1K followers and that most of these are real followers and not robots or paid subscribers. Instagram is crawling with fakes and scammers and I am thinking about writing a script to check whether my followers are real and report/block the ones who are not. Might give it a go now that I have some spare time.